Stop Being Stood Up

Stop Being Stood Up With This One Simple Tool

When you’re in business, it’s very easy for prospects/contacts to conveniently forget about a scheduled meeting. If you’ve ever been in the situation where someone was unexpectedly ‘out of town’ when you were supposed to be seeing them, you’ll know what I mean. Or, darn, they’ve gone and double booked themselves again. Sometimes, the less creative prospects will just have their receptionist give an excuse as to why they can no longer meet with you and won’t even speak to you themselves.

Frustrating, isn’t it?! Especially as you will have most likely driven across town (or further) to make your scheduled meeting. What a waste of time, energy and resources! Well, you can forget about this ever happening on a regular basis again. Instead, there’s just one tool you need to send your cancellation rates through the floor.

Your telephone.

Whether you’re responsible for the business development side of things in your business or you have a team of sales people (whom you can train up with the information in this blog post), everyone in your organisation can benefit from getting more handy with the phone BEFORE they walk out the door.

Here’s a few pointers on how this can work:

Firstly, when you’re confirming your appointment, ask the other person to take down YOUR number.
Why? Because this means they’ll have to write it down somewhere. Many business owners/decision makers rely on someone else to take care of their appointments and while they’ll agree to meet you on the spur of the moment, they don’t write it down anywhere and just assume they’ll remember.

By saying to them, “Let me give you my direct line,” you force them to write your details down on something and more often than not, they’ll go ahead and put it in the right place – their diary/outlook/appointment manager, which is exactly where you want to be.

Next, before you head across town to meet them, pick up the phone and just confirm that they’re still available to meet you. Many sales reps don’t like to do this because they fear it gives the other person a chance to cancel on them. These same reps are the ones missing the point that if this person doesn’t want to meet them anyway, they’re better off knowing now. They’ll save valuable time driving across town and will be able to use that time instead to seek out another more qualified prospect, who WILL want to buy what they’re offering.

So remember, get handy with your phone and use to your advantage – saving you wasted time with unqualified prospects and improving your success rate in the long run.

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