In 12 weeks, you’ll acquire the skills necessary to market your business as effectively as some of the top companies in the world, significantly increasing the leads you generate and positioning yourself at the forefront of your industry. By looking at the 19 vital areas of marketing you must master to make your business a magnet for new and existing customers. We will identify the simple changes you can make to your marketing campaigns and promotional activities, to help you create the qualities of a ‘superbrand’ for your own business.

1. Knowing your profit outcomes
2. Knowing your numbers
3. Database usage
4. Market segmentation
5. Closeness to your customers
6. Your Unique Selling Proposition
7. Customer needs
8. Promotion strategy
9. Knowledge of your competitors
10. Competitive advantage

11. Production processes
12. Product/service evaluation
13. Product/service characteristics
14. Quality of performance
15. Marketing management
16. Product/service differentiation
17. Pricing strategy
18. Market research capabilities
19. Reputation in the marketplace