The WII-FM Strategy

The “What’s In It For Me” Principle & How To Use It To Transform Your Marketing Results

There’s a secret language in sales and it’s called “WII-FM” or “What’s In It For Me”. You see, when people are in buying mode, all they want to know is what your product is going to do for them. They don’t want to know how great your company is or how long you’ve been in business. Talking WII-FM will help you really connect with your reader at a deep level. And when you connect with them, they’re receptive to your message and are much more likely to buy from you.

The Curse of Perceived Indifference

It’s a fact that a staggering 68% of people DON’T buy from a business not because of price, but because of perceived indifference. In other words, customers perceive that the business owner is indifferent to them and/or their needs.

Avoid the Brag and Boast

Read the next paragraph but as you do that, look at it through the eyes of a potential customer.

“We’ve been in business since 1979 and we are not the best plumbing business in Brisbane. We have very experienced staff. We take pride in doing a great job. We offer friendly, expert service. Our prices are competitive as well. So forget the rest. Call the best.”

Does this statement excite you about doing business with that company? Chances are it doesn’t. It’s boring. It’s stuffy and it shows that they really don’t care about the customer’s needs at all.

The Differentiating Factor

What happens when all the marketing material from all the businesses a customer is considering doing business with have the same bland, boring marketing copy? How do they choose between suppliers? You guessed it – on price.

Now let’s see the difference when a similar message is delivered in a WII-FM way:

“People just like you have been entrusting their plumbing needs to XYZ Plumbing since 1968. We’ve been in business since 1979 and today people across Brisbane are now saying that our plumbing business is the best in town. You can rest easy knowing that the team here are experts in solving any of your plumbing problems, no matter how complex. You can also feel secure knowing that your job is in the hands of perfectionists who are committed to doing the job right… the first time. You’ll appreciate our friendly demeanour and expert advice. Naturally, budget is important – with that, you’ll find we can work to meet most budgets”.

The Power of YOU

‘You’, ‘your’, and ‘you’re’ are so much more powerful than ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘I’ and ‘us’. With that, make sure that the “you” words out-number the “we” words by a factor of 5 to 1.

Speak in the Reader’s Language

Don’t use a lot of technical jargon unless you’re talking with technical people in your industry. Jargon doesn’t impress people. In fact, it irritates them because they don’t understand it. Be natural with your writing. Avoid formal communication. Instead, write as if you were speaking with a friend. Write in a conversational style.