Marketing Pillars Explained

Discover How Marketing Pillars Work to Enhance your Marketing Responses

Marketing Pillars or the “Parthenon Strategy” is when you undertake any marketing campaign that will experience a synergistic effect by promoting it via a variety of media. So, if you’re promoting a seminar in the newspaper and you also utilise direct mail you’ll get more responses than you would by running two campaigns promoting separate services. Pillar Promotion is also very important in maximising your reach. For instance, certain people simply won’t read local papers, but may listen to the radio or read direct mail.

Repetition and fréquence are also key in advertising. Various media outlets will tell you to repeat the same ad multiple times on the premise that people are more likely to response after hearing or seeing an ad a few times. This IS true but what works even more powerfully is repeating the same message in various media forms.

Uniquely, when people see your promotional message advertised in one medium (hearing a radio ad, for instance) then see your promotional message in print, they feel as though they have known your business for longer.

The same effect DOESN’T occur to anywhere near the same extent if that same promotional message is repeated in the same media (e.g. if they hear your radio ad several times).

The more pillars you have, the stronger your business is. If you have less than four pillars, your business is vulnerable or at the very least, wasting sales opportunities.

In other words, whenever you run a campaign, don’t just stick with one form of marketing. Use a variety of methods. For instance, if you run an ad and you also send out a direct mail campaign, you will get more response than if you were running two campaigns promoting different services.

The reason for this is two fold:

  1. Credibility: When they see your marketing efforts in two places (or more) prospects are less sceptical of you.
  2. Reminder: People may glance at your ad and think “No, that’s not for me”. But then they may also receive a direct mail invitation, and because they have seen the ad once already, are more likely to read the letter and vice versa.

So – which medium do you choose?

There are dozens of different forms of media at your disposal. Some will be effective for your business and others will be a waste of time. So pick the forms that best suite your business and your goals.

Lastly, note that your “pillar strategy” does not just apply to the marketing media you use but also to the combination of lead generation and conversion vehicles you use (e.g. seminars vs. consultations etc.).

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