Communication Strategies to Enhance Team Performance

Redundancies, restructuring and closures across all industries are making staff members jumpy across the country.  In times like these it is more important than ever to be responsible about your communication style – so that you don’t cause your team members undue stress or negatively impact their productivity. 

Regardless of the economic environment, the basic communication principles still apply: be clear, objective, transparent and most importantly, straightforward.  Your team need to understand how the market is affecting your business and what has to be done, by when and how – on both a strategic and operational level. 

According to business communication experts, there are four essential steps that will help you to successfully communicate with your team. They are known as the A’s of communication.

The 4 Steps to Successful Communication:

  1. Attention – Getting the attention of your staff is the obvious first step. Respect for the other person is very important as well as showing real empathy to the person you are talking to. 
  2. Apprehension – Establishing the degree of understanding with the other person. Ensuring a free flow of input from the other person is also a good way to see that the message is being understood.
  3. Assimilation – Even though someone has understood a message, they may not take it on board or accept that type of information. Making sure that the message is taken on board ensures good cooperation and participation in the workplace.
  4. Action – It is here that if all the above is transferred into action of the message. You must not forget however that the originator of the message must give continuous support and encouragement.

Communication is more about human relationships than just giving instructions, information and transmitting facts. In order to communicate effectively everyone in your team must understand each other and work hard to get the other person to understand them.  

There are many resources available that can enable you and your team to identify and interact with different communication styles, such as DISC profiling.  Entrepreneurs within the 10X network have found that taking advantage of this type of system produces instant benefits in the workplace, and that the time invested in staff communication has ultimately paid dividends for their businesses. 

What Better Communication Means for Your Business:

  • Effective and efficient communication between you and your employees
  • Increased productivity – from managers and team members
  • Effective conflict and problem resolution
  • A more positive atmosphere at work
  • A much more moral work culture 

Focusing on leadership and communication strategies in your business will not only mitigate concerns arising from market uncertainty but also strengthen and empower your team to achieve more than ever before.