Social Media Superstardom For The Time-Poor

Many businesses love the idea of social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and know that engaging in a personal dialogue with customers and prospects can be highly rewarding – BUT – they simply don’t have time to invest in updating statuses, tweeting and broadcasting the company’s latest news to a bevy of online networks.

In the recent past, if you’d suggested getting someone else to do your social networking, you would have been shot down by a hoard of purists who would have vehemently argued that outsourcing social media completely goes against the spirit of what the medium is about.

However, in recent months, there has been a shift in opinion among social networking gurus, with a new stance gaining ground, that perhaps social media doesn’t HAVE to remain in the hands of a brand/business.

Why? Well, for two very good reasons:

1. Time!

so many companies lack the time or in-house resources to dedicate to building online social followings of value and engaging in a dialogue that’s mutually beneficial. What’s more, for new entrants to the social media revolution, it takes time to actually become au fait with the nuances of the various sites and how to leverage them for maximum benefit.

2. Outsourcing options

now there are a number of entrepreneurs and companies specializing in the management of all aspects of social media. It’s now EASY to have someone else keep tabs on all parts of your social online presence and manage an effective social media program that actually delivers real results for you.

Choosing a company that has proven expertise in this area has a number of benefits:

  1. The ability for your social media strategy to be more cohesive
  2. Timely execution of all elements of your social online presence and social media campaigns
  3. High quality content creation (how often do you have time to create really great, compelling content?)
  4. Huge time savings
  5. Leveraging someone else’s expertise, while you use yours to run your business.

Don’t think outsourcing means you’ll lose touch altogether with your social media though, it’s imperative that you’re still aware of all of your business’ communication portals. The company you choose to execute your social media must stay true to your brand and ensure that your posts accurately reflect your business’ personality. If it doesn’t sound like you, customers and prospects will quickly cotton on and lose interest in the conversation. Just as you would keep tabs on any other aspect of your business you outsource, similar checks and balances should be conducted on your social media.

If you’d like some help in more effectively managing your time, to meet the changing demands of business (like social media) – or for other ideas on how to promote your business – give us a call now, we’ll be happy to help. Call 1300 85 64 77.